Confetti Pedibombs (Set of 6)

TSM Herbals

These pedibombs by TSM Herbals are small little bundles of goodness for your feet. Made with virgin coconut oil, Epsom salt & baking soda, they will leave your feet soft, smooth and hydrated! Comes in a set of 6. 

How To Use:

Drop 2 pedibombs in a small tub of warm water. Dip your feet in the water for 20 mins and follow up with a good foot scrub and foot cream.


Epsom salt, baking soda, citric acid, coconut oil, lavender petals, rose petals, a blend of lavender, rose, lemon and ylang ylang essential oils with artificial colours.

The product will be delivered in 7-10 working days as every item is made in fresh batches. 

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Confetti Pedibombs (Set of 6)
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