Fossilised Fragments Earthenware Dish


Medium: Acrylic on fired terracotta earthenware

Diameter: 13 inches 

This one-off Anushka Rustomji earthenware dish is perfect for displaying on a tabletop or as a decorative wall hanging. This collectible piece is part of her​ ​Cosmology Consonance​ series that explores the cycles of origination and termination in Anushka’s signature style.

About the Artist: 

Anushka Rustomji is a visual artist based in Karachi. She graduated from the National College of Arts, Lahore with a BFA in 2012. She was a participant in the Pilotenkueche artist residency in Leipzig, Germany in 2015 and has exhibited her work nationally and internationally.                                                       

Her practice is influenced by the themes of history and erasure, in reference to colonization and diasporic communities. Her visual vocabulary is informed by ancient Eastern imagery, texts and traditions. She utilizes the symbolism in texts and myths to form veiled visual narratives conveying ideas of creation and destruction, survival and transcendence, through which she interrogates cultural and historical connotations.

About the Series:

‘Cosmology Consonance’, (in relation to the series ‘The Briny and Other Bodies’), has been conceived through a revisiting and reworking of primordial narratives, dealing with the creation of the ocean, in correspondence with the cosmos and how these vast bodies conspire as vessels for conceiving other forms of life. The imagery deals with natural fossilized forms, (signifiers of permanence), imagined hybrids and forms in flux.

The work explores the cycles of origination and termination, themes of posterity and permanence, and how form loosens into unform, and unform implies form.

The ocean and cosmos both contain a saturation of story and act as collaborators in this resistance to disintegration and persistence to posterity, and thus ultimately creating a site and sight for the celebration of continuous cycles of origination and termination.

Care Instructions:

Clean only with dry cloth or brush, do not wash. 

No contact with liquid / water.

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Fossilised Fragments Earthenware Dish
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