Gulabo Bundle

Aura Crafts

The best of Aura Crafts x WKD’s Gulabo collection in one place! Start your skincare regime with the Gulabo Soap Bar to remove all impurities and let the Lactic Acid work towards fighting inflammation and spots. Follow up with the Gulabo BHA Serum - an all-in-one solution to provide hydration and anti-aging properties. And finally, top it off with a few spritzes of the Gulabo Face Mist to lock in all the moisture and bring that Niacinamide glow.

The bundle includes:

  • -  Gulabo Soap Bar

  • -  Gulabo BHA Serum

  • -  Gulabo Face Mist

    Get all 3 products together at a 10% discount!

    Aura Crafts offers a range of high-quality, natural skin and hair products that are effective but affordable and safe for you and your family. Their products do not contain harsh ingredients such as parabens, alcohol, toxins, or artificial fragrances.

    Aura wants to help you nourish, protect and maintain the skin and hair you deserve!

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Gulabo Bundle
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