Hair Strengthening Oil

Hair Matters
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Our hair is exposed to increasing amounts of heat and chemicals which leaves them weakened and brittle. The Hair Strengthening Oil by Hair Matters is designed specifically to combat hair loss and promote healthier hair growth.

Key Ingredients:

Ricinus Communis Oil Prunus Dulcis Oil Cocos Nucifera Oil Olea Europeus Oil

Directions for Wet Hair:
After cleanser and conditioner, apply a limited quantity of Ultimate Hair Treat Oil, around 3-4 drops to slightly damp hair to the ends of your hair. This hair oil seals in hydration and adds just the right amount of moisture to the hair shaft.

Directions for Dry Hair:
Preferably heat oil to a lukewarm temperature for more benefits. Apply oil to your scalp starting at the roots and massage in a generous amount of the oil. Let it stay for a minimum of 60 minutes. Cleanse as per routine.

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Hair Strengthening Oil
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