Pey Mini-Platter - 8x8


The Pey Mini-Platter is a compact and portable mini-platter for all your serving needs – in a standard square shape. Created in Quadko’s proprietary Stacksheet pattern, the platters feature intricate woodwork. Inspired by our rich tradition of ‘khana paish kiya jata hai’ the platter offers a great conversation piece for every affair.

Size: 8x8 inches

Care Guidelines:

  • Do not soak in water. Rinse gently with water and a small amount of soap and leave to dry on a flat surface.

  • Regularly oil the board to keep it in good condition. Shake the oil bottle well before use and apply using cotton cloth as needed.

  • void dropping or throwing the board. Since this is intricate work, rough usage may cause the board to be damaged.

    There can be slight variations in size and color because of variations of wood shade and being handmade.

Quadko Studios puts together the most exquisite patterns and designs, forged from the brains of the architect bored from the everyday structures and logarithms. Trying to create some unique angles, we have brought together extraordinary compositions from our day-to-day entities.

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