Sore Muscle Bag


A lavender infused wheat bag made by women artisans at Mogra that works as a small, hefty heating pad. It soothes sore muscles and gives quick relief and works according to the principle of heat therapy -- and smells dreamy! 


A warm wheat bag transfers heat to the affected muscle tissues upon application to a sore area. The increase in temperature opens up the blood vessels in that area, improving blood and oxygen flow. This reduces muscle spasms, soothes discomfort, and induces relaxation. 


To heat it, place your bag in a microwave and heat it for up to 2 minutes. Remove the bag from the microwave once heated, and check if the temperature is tolerable or not. If it is too hot, cool it down a little bit. When the temperature is right for you, apply it to the spots with sore muscles (neck, shoulders, abdomen, lower back, under the thighs, etc.).

Wheat bags will be moist and sweat after being heated. This will eventually go away with time.

To use it as a cooling bag, place it in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours. If you wish to store your wheat bag in the freezer, wrap it up in a plastic bag. 

Weight: 1.25 kg 

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Sore Muscle Bag
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